Is a Folk Rock/Americana bandformed in Mexico City in 2014. Due to the band members’ musical influences (twofrom the USA, two from Mexico) their style incorporates elements of folk,country, rock and blues.

Their style is highlighted by a heavy focus onlyrics, message, melody and vocal lines, but also gives way to moments of puremusical movement and energy. Based on their mix of influences having an anchordeeply rooted in the conviction of yesteryear’s folk music from the GreatPlains of the USA, Peregrino has been able to create a unique sound in thegreat metropolis that is Mexico City.

In very little time their unique style has pushed them to the forefront of the Mexico music scene; playing in big events (such as the city-center Zocalo of Mexico City for Day of the Dead, opening Indie Rocks Week), international festivals (Sin Fronteras Festival in Quintana Roo, MAG Fest in San Miguel de Allende), and sharing the stage with great artists like Curtis Harding.


Jairus McDonald - Voice, Guitar (Oklahoma)

Eric Miller - Guitar (New Orleans)

Jose Grageda - Bass (San Luis Potosi)

Ian Vazquez - Drums (Mexico City)

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